It is the beginning of 2009 and time for a clean start.  This is more then just a new day in a new year.  This is a year that I am starting with a new baby, a new job title and a new outlook on life.  This year marks a big change in everything that I do.

I went from a 50 hour+ work week for ThristyPixel of which I owned a percentage in to selling out in November ’08 and working from home on a 100hr/month contract.  It is a beautiful thing to not drowned your life in a job for a company who you can’t control the future of.

I am truly excited for what lies ahead even though it is completely uncertain and I do not know if I will have a cash flow next week.  I hope to continue to produce for ThristyPixel and generate a 10K income/month for their small business division while at the same time building a business for Liquid Strategies.

The question is what will Liquid Strategies do?  I will take it one day at a time, but I foresee site consulting being the major offering.  My experience working with ThirstyPixel has enabled me to pick out site mistakes before they  happen and advise on how to turn a site into a money making machine.  Now it is just a matter of managing my time correctly so I can do all this while loving every moment I have with my beautiful new child.