This week I get the expected email from TP telling me that there is no more money in the budget for my contract.  I am offered a commission only position and a week to think about it.

During this economic crisis many people are faced with this uncertain feeling and despair, fear and joy.  Yes, I said joy.  Although I can not know if I will have money to pay the gas bill next month I am going to stay positive.  Mulling in self pitty and fear will only dig a deeper hole.

I have made the decision to do two things.  I am going to take the commission job.  I will use that to stay afloat and then I will purse my own company and provide New Media Marketing Services.  I am going to focus on a niche market though.  I will use my resources, my husbands landscaping company, as a test case.  If I can get that to the top position for “landscapers utah” then I simply go after contractor websites.  I may even be able to monetize on development services since most contractor sites are sub par.

1. Unlike other service companies, construction/contract companies are just now coming into the technology area.  Most contractors have avoided websites because technology is so far from what they do.

2. I can play the one-man-band card.  These guys will be able to quickly feel comfortable with me.  I am a business owner, my husband does what they do… I know how they feel.

3. Oh ya, my husband… my best resource.  He is budy-budy with a plethora of contractors.

If I can with in this areana then I don’t have a chance anywhere else.