My next business goal is to get IMU certified.  IMU offers a series of online classes and an exam that tests your inbound marketing knowlede.  I really don’t know what to expect but it is the first “exam” will have taken in 5 years and am looking forward to the challenge!


Another stumbled upon article about Copy Writing. This one is really good because it looks into the art of creating authority.

Authority is necessary for SEO and to convert leads into paying customers. For more info, checkout the Authority Rules pdf from Copyblogger, Brian Clark.

I have been using Tiny URL to shorten my URLs, but found bit.ly from a tweet with Social Media411. This tool is super cool since it will track clicks and look for duplicates, reporting clicks on these.

Check it Out

This week I get the expected email from TP telling me that there is no more money in the budget for my contract.  I am offered a commission only position and a week to think about it.

During this economic crisis many people are faced with this uncertain feeling and despair, fear and joy.  Yes, I said joy.  Although I can not know if I will have money to pay the gas bill next month I am going to stay positive.  Mulling in self pitty and fear will only dig a deeper hole.

I have made the decision to do two things.  I am going to take the commission job.  I will use that to stay afloat and then I will purse my own company and provide New Media Marketing Services.  I am going to focus on a niche market though.  I will use my resources, my husbands landscaping company, as a test case.  If I can get that to the top position for “landscapers utah” then I simply go after contractor websites.  I may even be able to monetize on development services since most contractor sites are sub par.

1. Unlike other service companies, construction/contract companies are just now coming into the technology area.  Most contractors have avoided websites because technology is so far from what they do.

2. I can play the one-man-band card.  These guys will be able to quickly feel comfortable with me.  I am a business owner, my husband does what they do… I know how they feel.

3. Oh ya, my husband… my best resource.  He is budy-budy with a plethora of contractors.

If I can with in this areana then I don’t have a chance anywhere else.

It is the beginning of 2009 and time for a clean start.  This is more then just a new day in a new year.  This is a year that I am starting with a new baby, a new job title and a new outlook on life.  This year marks a big change in everything that I do.

I went from a 50 hour+ work week for ThristyPixel of which I owned a percentage in to selling out in November ’08 and working from home on a 100hr/month contract.  It is a beautiful thing to not drowned your life in a job for a company who you can’t control the future of.

I am truly excited for what lies ahead even though it is completely uncertain and I do not know if I will have a cash flow next week.  I hope to continue to produce for ThristyPixel and generate a 10K income/month for their small business division while at the same time building a business for Liquid Strategies.

The question is what will Liquid Strategies do?  I will take it one day at a time, but I foresee site consulting being the major offering.  My experience working with ThirstyPixel has enabled me to pick out site mistakes before they  happen and advise on how to turn a site into a money making machine.  Now it is just a matter of managing my time correctly so I can do all this while loving every moment I have with my beautiful new child.